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Hard Rock Metha - 90 Caps



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HardRock Supplements introduces Methastadrol 90 capsules. With this product you will see massive strength and muscle gains. Maximum strength Methastadrol turns your body into an extreme anabolic environment very quickly.


  • Experinece Mass Gains
  • Experience Larger Muscles
  • Experience Fuller Muscle
  • Experience Strength Gains

The ingredient 2a-17a-di-methyl-etiocholan-3-one,17b-ol is designed for serious atheletes who need serious results quickly.


Metha is highly anabolic, generally 400%-800% more anabolic then methyl-test. Because of how anabolic it is metha promotes high levels of protein synthesis and serious muscle mass gains. Metha is a very strong prohormone and as a result can weigh heavy on the liver. As a result of this users need to up their water intake significantly. They also need to sleep a full cycle at night and increase their caloric intake. This means your diet needs to increase in quality complex carbs, high quality efa's and proteins.

Average cycle time 4-6 weeks. Please ensure an adequate PCT is undertaken following your Methastadrol cycle. We recommend clomadex for your PCT

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  1. Top product

    Posted by Matt on 30th Jan 2014

    Having used mdroll in the past finding the right one is hard.... I used this product a couple of times now with awesome results! It's a top pro hormone and would recommend.

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